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Meet the   Chef

Chef Godstime Ebeagbor - Executive Chef, Owner


Chef Godstime is an international chef with over 13 years of professional experience in upscale fine-dining, hospitality management, and culinary. 

Chef Godstime was born in Nigeria and moved to Italy as a teenager to reunite with his family. After studying business management, he found his true passion for cooking. 

A love for food lies deep within the DNA of the executive chef at Golden Spoon. He studied in one of the best Culinary Colleges in Italy, where he obtained his degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. He enjoyed cooking with his parents as a child, and his passion later grew through travel. He traveled to and worked in five European countries, where he savored the tastes and textures of many different cultures and brought his experiences to the United States in 2013.


After coming to the United States, Chef Godstime started working at the Hyatt Regency. Since 2014, Chef Godstime has worked at several five star hotels and restaurants across the world where he has cooked for top celebrities, heads of states, and public figures from other countries. These experiences, coupled with extensive professional training, make him one of the most innovative and celebrated chefs today.

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